Micro Laser Welding

Are you looking for micro laser welding services to take care of those precise welds you need for you or your company? When lasers are needed to merge metals, you can always count on Precision Laser MFG to step up to the challenge.

micro laser weldingBy melting a very tiny area of metal, this focused beam acts fast and leaves no blemishes or scars on your object’s surface. Used to join similar as well as different kinds of alloys, it is even possible to get an almost polished finish by adjusting the beam’s size. The heat produced at the welding point is very small allowing operators to weld millimeters away from fragile components or easily damaged surfaces.

But this is only the beginning of what makes laser welding such a valuable technology. Thanks to the free moving approach, laser welding can now be used for precise welds as well.

Using a light pulse, going through the cross hair of a microscope, the beam is localized, allowing operators to move the welded objects with their bare fingers. Fixture devices are thus unnecessary saving time and money and increasing the possibilities for repairs and assemblies.

Though operating a machine used for laser welding is quite easy, becoming proficient at it takes time. The operator must know the properties of the alloys being welded to make full use of its potential. However, once the user gains experience and knowledge, he can manipulate a repair item within mere minutes.

If you are looking for such experts, you can definitely find them at Precision Laser MFG. Highly qualified and constantly working on new projects, our team’s skills remain polished and ready to handle your welds.

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