Laser Welding Canada

If you want to boost the quality, execution and uniformity of your projects, where traditional fusing methods don’t provide the best results, the laser welding services of Precision welding MFG could be just the solution you need.

Laser is the acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. This welding technique uses a high powered laser system to fuse two or more pieces of material, whether they’re metals of thermoplastic. The end result is a narrow, deep weld with a fast welding rate, thanks to the concentrated heat source it generates. It is a non-contact process, requiring access from only one side of the parts being welded.

The difference between laser welding and arc welding is the energy transfer. When welding with lasers, the energy absorption by the material depends on many factors, such as the surface condition of the materials, power density and the type of laser being used. Because the nature of the laser output is not electrical, a flow of electrical current is not necessary. Therefore, the process is not limited to electrical conductive materials, and it cancels any magnetic effects. Lasers can react to all types of matter making them very versatile.

laser welding canadaCompared to electron beam welding, there are quite a few advantages when using lasers:

Thanks to robotic machinery, the process is completely automated;

  • It does not produce x-rays;
  • The beam does not require a vacuum, since it can be transmitted through air;
  • It welds magnetic materials;
  • The cycles are shorter and the uptimes are higher;
  • Most importantly, it produces a higher quality weld.

When it comes to solving tough fusing challenges, many turn to Precision welding MFG, market leader in Canada. The laser systems we own are state of the art and our highly skilled welders and engineers use them to their full capacity.

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