Laser Cutting Canada

laser cuttingIf you’re looking to smoothly cut materials with pinpoint precision and no human errors, laser cutting is the technology you’re looking for.

In our modern era, lasers are used extensively for science, warfare, in the medical field, but also for industrial purposes, for laser welding and cutting material. Besides the usual thermoplastics and metals, they can also laser weld or cut the following:

  • Aluminum: a nonmagnetic material, silvery-white in color and soft to the touch, used in transportation, as castings, tubes, sheets and others;
  • Copper Beryllium: It is highly strong, machinable, nonmagnetic and ductible, used in computers, in the infrastructure equipment for telecommunications, in cellular phones, etc.;
  • Inconel: resistant to high temperatures and perfect for extreme environments, used in oil platforms offshore, flare stacks, space crafts, gas turbines, nuclear reactors, etc.;
  • Kovar: used for vacuum tubes, microwaves, and X-rays, just to name a few;
  • Mild steel: most importantly used for structural applications;
  • Ni-Chrome: a corrosion resistant material with a high melting point, used in the explosives and fireworks industry, in electrical appliances, etc.;
  • Nitinol: possessing superelasticity and shape memory, used in dentistry, knee replacement, cell phones, self bending spoons, etc.;
  • Platinum: it is ductible, malleable and dense, and it is used in jewelry, hard disks, electronics, etc.;
  • Stainless Steel: resistant against corrosion, water and stains, used in cutlery, the chemical industry, etc.;
  • Titanium: silver color, low density and high strength, used in medical devices, sporting products, architecture, art, etc.

Since no parts of the machine actually come in contact with the material, there is no risk of degradation of either the cutter or the material being cut. With no dust formed and no burr to the edges, lasers create acutely refined contours and inner edges that are radius free. The beam’s low thermal effect on the object prevents delamination, and thanks to its precision, we can use it to cut materials of various combinations and thicknesses.

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