Industrial Laser Welding

If you require a welding process that exhibits high precision and durability, whether you work in the automotive, aviation, aerospace, medical or computer industry, the best solution to your fusing challenges is by far industrial laser welding, offered by Precision Laser MFG.

Industrial Laser WeldingMore than 20 years have passed since laser welding has taken shape, primarily used for niche applications where traditional fusing techniques were not deemed suitable. Nowadays, laser welding is an integral part of the metallurgical industry, delivering high precision welds for common items, like hermetic seals, transformer lamination, pacemaker cans, watch springs or cigarette lighters.

Due to its versatility, it can easily replace many different processes, including gas metal arc welding, submerged arc welding, resistance welding, ultrasonic or electron beam welding, allowing for an economic and efficient use in many applications. Laser welding systems can even be used for other functions, such as serializing, drilling, cutting and sealing.

If you compare it next to Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) and Submerged Arc Welding (SAW), there are noticeable differences regarding the welding rates, which are greatly increased when using laser. There is also lower distortion, as a two side welding only requires a single pass and does not necessitate filler metal. It also displays a number of benefits when using it instead of resistance welding, such as not requiring contact, therefore canceling out any debris buildup. The welding rates are also faster and it is easier to reach hard-to-access areas.

There are two laser welding modes currently used. First, there’s the heat conduction welding, where the laser beam melts the surfaces of the adjacent parts along a common joint. The molten materials combine together, forming a smooth weld, not needing any extra finishing or grinding. Then there’s the keyhole or deep penetration welding, where the fusion zone is rapidly heated by a high-density laser, melting the metal and also producing vapors, resulting in greater efficiency and fast welding speeds.

The technologies we, Precision Laser MFG, provide are used in the assembly of various products, in a wide range of industries. Our skilled and dedicated team ensures the quality we offer is top of its class.

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